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About Us

Many mothers would agree that hiring a good helper is just like competing for a spot at a good school – it’s one of the biggest challenges in life. Among the thousands of candidates out there, when will your perfect match appear?

Helpers Market International Recruitment Limited offers an online searching platform so that even amidst your busy schedule, you can conveniently search for a helper suited to your preferences using your phone or computer, whenever, wherever. We provide a tailored matching service in order to make your helper-hiring process faster and simpler.

Helpers Market International Recruitment Limited specialises in recruiting skilful helpers and drivers from the Philippines and Indonesia, helping families hire the right helper according to their needs, and assisting with any follow-up services in a professional manner. Our services help nurture a harmonious relationship between helpers and their employers.

Our company holds an employment agency licence from the Hong Kong Labour Department as well as a business accreditation certificate from the Consulate General of the Philippines in Hong Kong, so you can feel at ease putting your confidence in us.

Our company also works with numerous renowned and large-scale training centres overseas, many of which are situated across the Philippines and Indonesia, to stringently train and select suitable candidates.