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Helpers Market – Your Preferred Helper Agency

With the rapid pace of life in Hong Kong, many people seldom have time to do household chores after work. Although some people like to hire a helper to clean the house once or twice a week, for families with elderly and/or children, having a full-time Filipino helper can be very helpful.

Helpers Market is your preferred helper employment agency – we have years of experience in providing helper employment services and offer a large number of fantastic Filipino helpers for you to choose from. We are a one-stop agency to assist you with the entire Filipino helper employment process and the relevant paperwork.



Points to Note for the Employment of Filipino Helpers:

When employing Filipino helpers to come work in Hong Kong, employers not only need to know the associated costs of doing so but also the scope of work that helpers can do. To protect the rights of both parties, the government has set conditions and regulations regarding the employment of Filipino helpers, such as restricting their scope of work to housekeeping matters, and mandating that they work only at the address listed on their work permits. Housekeeping includes cleaning, cooking and taking care of children and elderly etc.

Before employing Filipino helpers, employers should understand the relevant laws and regulations. For instance, employers must take out insurance policies and provide proper accommodation and meals for their helpers. Employers can also learn more about the costs of hiring a Filipino helper and other important information, such as the process for the termination of contract with their helper.

The Procedure and Process of Employing a Filipino Helper:

  1. Our agency will first learn about the different needs of the employer’s family.
  2. In accordance with the employer’s needs and preferences, several profiles of Filipino helpers will be selected for the employer to choose from.
  3. Once the employer has chosen their preferred helper, the agency can arrange for an interview.
  4. An interview will be conducted in order to learn more about the helper’s background, experience and competencies.
  5. After confirming their selection of a helper, the employer will have to submit the needed documents to the agency.
  6. The agency will arrange for the selected helper to come to Hong Kong.

The Costs, Procedures and Conditions of Employing a Filipino helper – FAQs:

The costs of employing a Filipino helper include paying at least the legal minimum allowable wage, providing accommodation and meals for the helper as well as any medical expenses incurred by the helper if he/she falls sick while working during the contracted period. If you would like more in-depth information about the costs associated with hiring a Filipino helper, you can contact us for a list of general costs for your reference.

Once the Immigration Department confirms your application to hire a Filipino helper, an acknowledgement notice will be sent to you through email or mail.

Yes. Both the employer and their Filipino helper can terminate the contract by giving the other party at least 1 months’ notice in writing or payment in lieu of notice. It is reminded that employers, in accordance with the Employment Ordinance and employment contract, are required to pay their helpers certain termination payments and ensure their helper enjoys their legal rights. Otherwise, it is illegal.

Yes. Employers are required to notify the Director of Immigration that the contract with their Filipino helper has been terminated. Employers and helpers need to submit a written notice and a hardcopy of the terminated contract to the Director of Immigration within 7 days of the termination date. The written notice must clearly list out the date and reason for contract termination etc.

* The latest information from the Labour Department/Immigration Department prevails.