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Helpers Market – Hire an Indonesian Helper

Many Hong Kong people have little time or energy during their busy schedules to complete household chores. This is especially true for families with elderly and/or children. Therefore, finding an agency and hiring an Indonesian helper to share the workload can be a very good option.

Helpers Market is your preferred agency – we have years of experience in providing helper employment services and have a large number of fantastic Indonesian helpers for you to choose from. We offer professional one-stop services to help you manage the entire Indonesian helper employment process, the relevant paperwork and the associated costs.

The Advantages of Employing an Indonesian Helper:

1. Strong Communication Skills

Indonesian helpers have great communication skills. Although their English-speaking abilities may not be as strong as their Filipino counterparts, Indonesian helpers learn quickly and are able to pick up basic English when they come to Hong Kong. Some Indonesian helpers who have experience working in Hong Kong can even speak Cantonese fluently.

2. Meeting the Minimum Education Requirement

Indonesian helpers must be at least 23 years old, have proof of formal education, understand basic English and be able to communicate with Hong Kong employers before being employed.

3. Virtuous and Obedient

Indonesian helpers are relatively virtuous and pure, willing to learn and obedient.

4. Cooking Skills

Indonesian helpers have fantastic cooking skills. As they generally needed to help out around the house when they were young, they have developed great cooking skills from a young age. Hence, when they come to work in Hong Kong, Indonesian helpers are already able to cook up some staple dishes.

The Conditions and Procedure of Employing Indonesian Helpers:

To employ an Indonesian helper for your family, some basic conditions should be met, including:

  • The family’s monthly income shall be at least HK$15,000
  • The Indonesian helper must have the right of abode in Hong Kong
  • Be able to afford the Indonesian helper’s monthly wages
  • Be able to provide the Indonesian helper with proper accommodation
  • Must sign the standard two-year contract set by the Immigration Department with the Indonesian helper
  • The employer shall have basic language skills to be able to communicate with the Indonesian helper to a certain level (e.g. know a basic level of English)

The Procedure for Employing Indonesian Helpers:

  1. Visit an agency to learn more about the details, procedures and notes for employing an Indonesian helper
  2. Tell the consultant your needs and preferences
  3. In accordance with your preferences, the agency will select suitable Indonesian helpers for your choice
  4. An interview will be conducted with the helper
  5. Choose your preferred helper
  6. Provide the necessary documents
  7. The agency will help arrange the helper’s visa application and their trip to Hong Kong

The Costs of Employing Indonesian Helpers:

  • Paying the minimum allowable wage set by the government
  • Employers need to pay the Indonesian helper’s air tickets for both coming and leaving Hong Kong
  • Employers need to purchase insurance for their helper
  • Employers need to pay for the helper’s transportation costs to and from work
  • Some special expenses (e.g. Covid testing or hotel quarantine costs)

Points to Note Regarding the Employment of Indonesian helpers in Hong Kong:

According to the standard employment contract, the standard working period for all foreign helpers, including Indonesian helpers, is 2 years.

No. Indonesian helpers who are employed can only work for their employer. It is against the law for your employed helper to take up other unauthorised work. You may face prosecution and your helper may be deported as a result.

No. According to the standard employment contract, Indonesian helpers can only assist their employers with housekeeping work. Any non-housekeeping matters such as cleaning at the employer’s office or store may constitute a breach of the contract. For details, feel free to contact us or refer to the information posted by the Immigration Department.

* The latest information from the Labour Department/Immigration Department prevails.