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Helper Insurance

Assisting You in Purchasing HelperCare Insurance

The Overseas Domestic Helper Insurance is a comprehensive insurance package enabling you to be Peace of Mind as an employer of overseas domestic helper. The package can safeguard you and your domestic helper from mishaps by providing extensive tailor-made covers.
Period Basic Cover Optional Cover
Plan A Plan B
1 year HK$710 HK$945 HK$235
2 year HK$1,280 HK$1,580 HK$400
* Premium is inclusive of levies.
Age Limit 18 to 60 years old (renewable up to 65 years old).

Coverage and Highlights of the Insurance Plan:

Employer’s Liability
Indemnify you for your legal liability as an employer under the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance and at Common Law.

Fidelity Protection
Indemnify any actual pecuniary loss directly resulting from the act of fraud or dishonesty committed by your domestic helper.

Reimburse the actual, necessary and reasonable expenses incurred in the event your domestic helper requires medical treatment from a clinic for sickness or injury resulting from an accident. (Chinese Medicine Practitioner – Not Applicable)
i) Out-patient expenses
ii) Bonesetter or ^physiotherapy treatment expenses (^referred by legally qualified and registered medical practitioner)
iii) Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner’s Treatment (exclude Acupuncture and Tui-Na) (applicable to Plan B)

Dental Expenses
Reimburse the actual, necessary and reasonable expenses incurred in the event your domestic helper requires emergency dental treatment such as oral surgery, treatment of abscesses, extractions or fillings as a result of dental disease.

Personal Accident
Compensate for death or permanent disablement of your domestic helper resulting from accident happened in Hong Kong on his/her rest days.

Personal Liability
Indemnify you for the legal liability arising out of negligence of your domestic helper to third party while he/she is performing the duties.

Repatriation Expenses
Pay the expenses incurred to repatriate your domestic helper to his/her home country before the expiry of his/her employment contract.
i) the actual cost of returning the mortal remain in case of death, including committed suicide; or
ii) the economy class fare from Hong Kong to his/her home country in case of being certified as medically unfit to work by a qualified medical practitioner.

Loss of Services Cash Subsidy
Subsidise you the loss of services expenses, commencing from the 4th day, in hiring a temporary domestic helper if your domestic helper is hospitalised as an in-patient for treatment or surgery for a period of 3 consecutive days or more.

Re-hiring Expenses
Reimburse the necessary and reasonable expenses in hiring a replacement domestic helper in the event that your domestic helper is repatriated to his/her home country due to death or serious illness or injury resulting in his/her unfit to work during the term of a contract.

Cancer, Heart Disease and Major Disease Supplementary Benefit
If the domestic helper is hospitalised due to cancer, heart disease, encephalitis, stroke or major burns:
A. Limit of Liability under Section 2 – Hospitalisation and Surgical Expenses is increased to HK$100,000 per year, up to the follow limits:
i) Room, board and other miscellaneous hospital charges
ii) Special medical treatment and related charges
iii) Surgical fee
iv) Anesthesia and its administration fee (up to 35% of surgical fee)
v) Operating theatre fee (up to 25% of surgical fee)
B. Reimburse the necessary and reasonable medical expenses incurred by domestic helper for consultation, diagnosis, examination, or treatment of cancer and/or heart disease received in a hospital other than as a hospital patient or from any licensed medical laboratory or imaging centre.


War, act of terrorism, accident or sickness sustained or contracted outside Hong Kong (except Employer’s Liability), pre-existing conditions, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, suicide (except Repatriation Expenses and Rehiring Expenses), intentional self-injury, pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth, mental or nervous disorder, alcoholism or drug addiction.

Special Exclusions Applicable to:

Section 1 – Employer’s Liability

Pneumoconiosis, Noise-Induced Deafness, Mesothelioma, nuclear hazards or any late payment surcharge.

Section 2 – Hospital & Surgical, Clinical and Other Expenses

 Cosmetic or plastic surgery (unless due to injury covered under this insurance)

• Routine physical examination or any expenses incurred outside Hong Kong.

Section 3 – Dental Expenses

Routine examination, scaling, cleaning, polishing, crowning, bridges, braces, dentures, dental prosthetics or any expenses incurred outside Hong Kong.

Section 4 – Personal Accident

Air travel (except licensed passenger carrying aircraft), mountaineering, rock climbing, underwater activities necessitating the use of breathing apparatus, motor cycling, racing (other than on foot or swimming), dangerous sports or activities.

Section 5 – Personal Liability

Any willful or malicious act, criminal activities, food poisoning, occurrence happened at the place of employment or outside Hong Kong.

#Reference only. The latest information from Insurance policy in English version.