Helper Insurance

Assisting You in Purchasing HelperCare Insurance

HelperCare Insurance is an excellent and comprehensive insurance plan which not only protects you from legal liability as an employer, but also provides you and your helper with other attractive benefits and protection, such as compensation for your helper’s family in the event he/she suffers accidental injury or death.

Coverage Period


1 Year


2 Year


Coverage and Highlights of the Insurance Plan:

Generally speaking, HelperCare Insurance covers employee compensation, insurance for personal accidents, hospitalisation and surgical expenses, repatriation expenses, expenses incurred in hiring a replacement helper, fidelity protection and temporary employment allowances etc.

If your helper takes your household items without your consent or make unauthorised long-distance phone calls, you may be able to claim compensation from the insurance company. Please note, however, that in such cases you must report the relevant incident to the police and obtain a police report. The police report shall be presented when you make your insurance claim.

Yes. If the helper suffers from sickness or injury, regardless of whether it was caused by the employment or work, the employer must pay for his/her medical fees, including consultation expenses, hospitalisation expenses, or expenses for dental emergencies. In view of this requirement, you may consider purchasing insurance which offers comprehensive coverage for medical and hospitalisation expenses. You could also consider purchasing insurance which covers medical and hospitalisation fees while also complying with the insurance requirements under the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance.

Yes. If the incident, within 1-2 months of its occurrence, unfortunately results in permanent disablement or death, compensation could be given.

It is the period of 15 days or less, starting from the date the insurance policy becomes effective. During this period, benefits such as the insurance coverage for out-patient clinical expenses, hospitalisation expenses, surgical expenses, dental services, and cash allowance for service discontinuation etc. will be suspended.

The following is only a summary of the major exclusions. Please refer to the policy for details.

War, act of terrorism, accident or sickness sustained or contracted outside Hong Kong (except Employer’s Liability Cover), nuclear or radioactivity hazards, pre-existing conditions, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and/or HIV related illness including AIDS, suicide, intentional self-injury, pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth, infertility, mental or nervous disorder, alcoholism or drug addiction.

Special Exclusions Applicable to:

Section 1 – Employer’s Liability

Pneumoconiosis or any late payment surcharge that the employers may become liable under the legislation.

Section 2 – Hospital & Surgical, Clinical and Other Expenses

Cosmetic surgery unless due to injury covered under this plan, routine physical examination or any expenses incurred outside Hong Kong.

Section 3 – Dental Expenses

Routine examination, scaling, cleaning, polishing, crowning, bridges, braces, dentures, dental prosthetics or any expenses incurred outside Hong Kong.

Section 4 – Personal Accident

Air travel (Except as a passenger in a fully licensed passenger carrying aircraft), mountaineering, rock climbing, underwater activities necessitating the use of breathing apparatus, motor cycling, racing (other than on foot or swimming), dangerous sports or activities.

Age Limit

18 to 60 years of age


This insurance plan is applicable only to overseas helpers employed under an Employment Contract as governed by the Immigration Ordinance (Chapter 115).

Annual Premium

HK$680 + HK$10.80 (Employees’ Compensation Insurance Levy, Government Terrorism Facility Charge & Employees’ Compensation Insurers Insolvency Bureau – Contribution)

“Refer to the original insurance policy for the terms and conditions in detail